Steve Jobs would not want ordinary users to access and work with files, but despite this, it is a pleasure to work with files on a Mac. If you have a Mac, know that your work can always be simplified and accelerated. For example, you can very quickly rename several files at once with one action. In this article I will tell you how to do this as efficiently as possible.

Suppose you have downloaded some pictures or made screenshots and want to give clear and ordered names to all the files you received.

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Batch Rename Files in macOS with Finder

This can be done quickly with the Finder, just follow this instruction:

  • Open the folder with the files you want to rename in Finder;
  • Select all the files, or use a hotkey combination Command + A;
  • Right click on selected files and choose Rename N Items;
How to Batch Rename Files on macOS Easily?
  • Choose the several ways to rename your files. I use Format mode in the most common cases;
  • Click Rename.
How to Batch Rename Files on macOS Easily?

Note: You can cancel the action with a combination of Command + Z.

How to Batch Rename Files on macOS Easily?


This batch file renaming feature that has appeared in the Apple OS X Yosemite desktop operating system has probably become the most useful and demanded by many users who work with large amounts of information that make up multi-level presentations, etc.

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