Making backups is easy and at the same time very important. Three tips I can give to iPhone users: make, make and make backups again. This article will tell you the simple way to backup your iPhone or iPad.

Why Make an iPhone Back Up?

The iPhone is a valuable asset, and even omitting the fact of how much it costs, for the owner he is a repository of memories, be it a photo from events that will never happen again, or valuable documents. Therefore, it is important to ensure that all these data are reliably protected from loss, theft or accidental damage.

In addition, Apple releases updates for iOS several times a year, and we strongly recommend backing up before updating in case something goes wrong. Well, if you purchase a new phone model, a backup copy is the best way to transfer data from an old device to a freshly purchased one.

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There are many ways to create a backup for the iPhone, both on a local PC or Mac, and online – using various cloud services, from official iTunes and iCloud to numerous third-party.

In order to feel your data truly secure, we recommend using at least two available methods. If the worst happens, and the backup is damaged, then you will have a spare.

How to Back up your Device to iCloud?

One of the easiest ways to backup data from iPhone is to use Apple’s own iCloud service. To create and use iCloud backups, you need an iCloud account; It is usually created when you first set up your iPhone.

  • On your Apple device, open “Settings”;
  • You will see your name and picture at the top;
How to Back up your iPhone, iPad?
  • Tap it and select “iCloud”;
How to Back up your iPhone, iPad?
  • On the next screen scroll down a long list of Applications using iCloud and select the last entry – “iCloud Backup”;
How to Back up your iPhone, iPad?
  • Finally tap “Back Up Now”.
How to Back up your iPhone, iPad?

Move the slider to the right to enable iCloud backup. Once you do this, your phone will automatically back up your data without your participation.


Using simple steps you can easily save your data from iOS devices. If you use other methods or programs – please write in the comments.

It’s the best time to ask questions and give us your feedback in comments.


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