With the release of MacOS, Catalina Apple has made many major changes to Mac. As the developers themselves emphasized at the macOS presentation, Catalina: “No more iTunes!”.

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But immediately the question arises: “Without iTunes, how will you synchronize or back up your iPhone or iPad? ”. Let me show you. And don’t worry, it has become even easier than before.

Backup iPhone to Mac with Finder

Without losing time, we go straight to the instructions on how to backup your device in macOS Catalina:

  • After upgrading to Catalina, connect your iPhone or iPad to Mac using the USB cable;
  • Instead of opening iTunes, you will be greeted by a Finder which displays your device in the sidebar;
  • When connecting the device for the first time, click “Trust” on both devices, then unlock the phone or tablet and follow the instructions;
  • After that, the Finder window will become very similar to the device section in iTunes, having studied it you will find a lot of useful information;
  • On the “General” tab, select the back up data type and click “Back Up Now”;
  • After the synchronization of the device is finished, disconnect it from the Mac and it will disappear in the Finder.

How to Backup iPad to Computer?

There is absolutely no difference in the backup of these devices. If you need to backup to macOS Catalina, then simply repeat the steps from the instructions described above.

How to Back Up iPhone on iTunes?

If for some reason you have not upgraded to macOS Catalina, and you are afraid to backup your iOS or iPadOS device, then follow this instruction:

  • Download iTunes for Windows or make sure you have the latest version of iTunes on your Mac;
  • Launch iTunes and connect to the computer using the cable iPhone, iPad or other device with iOS;
  • Click the device icon that appears in the upper left part of the window, and then select your device from the list. It can be an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch;
  • On the Summary tab, click “Back Up Now” and wait for the process to complete.

Note: In order for the backup to contain the saved passwords, information about Wi-Fi networks, as well as the data of the Health and Activity programs, activate the option “Encrypt iPhone backup” and specify the password that will need to be entered when restoring the copy .


The loss of the iPhone is an extremely unpleasant event. Not only will you have to spend money on the purchase of a new device, there is also the risk of losing valuable data. Sometimes they can cost more than the latest iPhone model. In this situation, arrogant users set up the smartphone again, remembering passwords and links, and experienced users – recover lost information using a previously created backup.

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