Sometimes users encounter such a problem while traveling, using roaming, after reinstalling iOS, hardware repair (replacing the battery or display) of the smartphone or a long period of inactivity (without recharging) – the operator’s logo disappears on the iPhone and there is no connection to the cellular network.

No Network, Search or What to Do with Cellular Data on your iPhone?

Let’s try to figure out what in these cases is the cause of the “breakdown” and how to fix it.

Force Restart

First of all, naturally try to force a reboot of the device:

  • For old devices, this is holding the Home Button and the Power Button;
  • For devices without a Home button, holding down the Power Button and Volume Down Button.
How to Avoid “Cellular Error” on iPhone or iPad?

Update iOS on iPhone and iPad to the Latest Version

I know that many users do not intentionally update their devices to the latest versions in order to avoid iOS slowdown. In this situation, the old version of the software can really cause errors in the operation of Cellular systems.

How to Avoid “Cellular Error” on iPhone or iPad?

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Check the Nano-SIM Card

Unfortunately, SIM cards also fail. Therefore, first of all, check if the SIM card works in your iPhone. This can be done, for example, by installing a SIM card in another smartphone.

Switch from LTE to 3G

  • Open Settings on your iPhone or iPad;
  • Select Cellular -> Cellular Data Options;
How to Avoid “Cellular Error” on iPhone or iPad?
  • Click and Disable LTE.
How to Avoid “Cellular Error” on iPhone or iPad?

Reset Network Settings

  • Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset network settings.
How to Avoid “Cellular Error” on iPhone or iPad?


These simple methods in some cases will help to avoid going to the service center and save a decent amount, which could be invoiced by specialists who weren’t clean at hand.

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