As you should already know, in addition to Apple Pay, Apple has announced its new product called the Apple Card. This is a virtual credit card based on the Mastercard payment system, issued by Goldman Sachs. With this product, Apple plans to wean users of Apple products from physical wallets and cash.

What about Apple Card Application?

You can use an Apple credit card at any time, it is stored in the Wallet app for iPhone. In it, users can store other cards of other banks, pay them using the Apple Pay mobile payment system, view transaction statistics, buy tickets, scan boarding passes, discount coupons and much more.

How to Apply an Order for Apple Card?

To order an Apple Card in the application, you need to click the appropriate button and fill out a form with personal data. The decision to issue a card and other legal decisions was entrusted to Goldman Sachs, and there are no expenses for opening and using the card. According to the bank’s tariffs, only interest for using the credit limit is charged.

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If a user needs a physical card, it can also be ordered through the Wallet app.

How to Use Apple Card with Apple Pay?

To use an Apple Card digital card through Apple Pay in a retail store, you need to bring the phone to the payment terminal and authenticate the client using Face ID, Touch ID or password. For online purchases via iPhone, you can use Apple Pay.

Rewards for Purchases

The Apple Card has cashbacks. For online purchases in the company’s network (Apple Store, iTunes, App Store, Apple Music, iCloud), the user is returned 3%, for contactless purchases using Apple Pay – 2%, when using a physical card, cashback is 1% of all purchases. Cashback is instantly stored in a separate section of the Apple Cash application. The refund amount can be transferred to any card or used for contactless payments via Apple Pay.


Apple’s new card certainly deserves attention. The organization of the interface of all payments and interest is made at the highest level. All you need is apply an order for Apple Card, which is controlled through the Wallet app on the iPhone. Operation details are closely related to your Apple ID. You do not need to enter a separate application every time you need to check your card.

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