Many users of iOS devices do not know that Apple has developed its own technology, AirDrop, for exchanging data between the iPhone or iPad and Mac. AirDrop is the fastest and easiest way to transfer the necessary files over a wireless Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection. Using it, you can quickly share photos, videos, your location, Safari data and contacts with Apple users who are located near you. Despite the ease of use of this feature, most mobile device owners have no idea how to turn on and use AirDrop. Therefore, we decided to tell you more about this.

AirDrop technology first appeared in OS X Mountain Lion and served to quickly exchange files between Mac computers running on the same network. On iOS, this technology appeared a year ago with the release of iOS 7. And what a surprise users were when it turned out that transferring files via AirDrop from an iPhone (iPad) to a Mac is not possible.

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Of course, to transfer files via AirDrop from an iOS device to a Mac, you need iOS 7 or later installed on your iPhone or iPad, and OS X 10.10 Yosemite installed on your Mac from 2012 or later.

AirDrop Files From iPhone to Mac

To send a file via AirDrop from an iOS device on a Mac:

  • First open the “Finder” program on your computer and go to the “AirDrop” section;
  • At the bottom of the window there are two switches: make sure that AirDrop is turned on for access by contacts or for all users, and also that you have AirDrop disabled on “old” Macs;
How to AirDrop Data from iPhone to Mac?
  • After that, open the file in any program on your iPhone or iPad and click on the “Share” button, where you can activate AirDrop;
How to AirDrop Data from iPhone to Mac?
  • After a while, the name of your Mac will appear on the screen of your mobile device;
How to AirDrop Data from iPhone to Mac?
  • After clicking on the icon, you only need to confirm the receipt of the file on your computer. The resulting file will be automatically saved to the Downloads folder on your Mac.
How to AirDrop Data from iPhone to Mac?

Note: Download can take place without confirmation.


AirDrop is a very convenient technology. Thanks to the Apple developers that they were able to facilitate the transfer of data between their devices. It is surprising, but it’s difficult to imagine the modern use of the Apple technique without this function. I use it every day and I recommend it to you!

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