Did you know that with AirDrop you can transfer images, videos and other files from Mac to iPhone and iPad? AirDrop technology is very fast and works flawlessly, and it’s also pretty easy to use for wirelessly transferring various files from one device to another.

In this guide, I will tell you how to turn on AirDrop on any Mac and transfer files to your iPhone or iPad.

Can You AirDrop From Mac to iPhone?

To share content between your Mac and an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, any of the following devices and operating systems are required:

  • Mac 2012 or later (except Mid-2012 Mac Pro) with OS X Yosemite or later;
  • IPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with iOS 7 or later.

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AirDrop From Mac to iPhone

To send files via AirDrop from MacBook to iPhone or iPad, first of all you need to activate AirDrop on your iOS device using the Control Point. How to enable AirDrop through Settings in iOS:

  • Open Open Control Spot with swip up and tap on Network tab with 3DTouch force tap;
How to AirDrop Files From Mac to iPhone?
  • Select AirDrop section;
How to AirDrop Files From Mac to iPhone?
  • Select “Only Contacts” or “Everyone”.
How to AirDrop Files From Mac to iPhone?

Finally, we сame to over main feature, how to send files from Mac to iPhone via AirDrop: 

  • Open the macOS menu and select AirDrop;
  • Choose a device appears ready to receive files in the list;
How to AirDrop Files From Mac to iPhone?
  • Move the files you want to transfer through AirDrop to a new window;
  • Drag and drop files into the AirDrop window onto the device to which you want to transfer;
  • At that moment an image appeared on your iPhone or iPad device, waiting for approved for receiving.
How to AirDrop Files From Mac to iPhone?

How to Open Received files on iOS?

Two variants will be shown below:

  • If you transferred an image, video or movie, they will appear in the Photos application;
  • If you transferred a different type of file PDF, text document, archive, etc.), a window will pop up on the device with a choice of application in which you want to open the resulting file;
  • You can also select the option “Save to iCloud”.


That’s all. Turning on AirDrop on a Mac and using it is very easy and convenient; this is one of the easiest ways to transfer files between devices. When you end receiving or sending files, be sure you have been turned off AirDrop, otherwise the technology will consume excess energy.

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