If you want to add text to a video and at the same time you don’t have time to study advanced tools like Final Cut Pro X, then another apple product, iMovie, is ideal for this purpose. In this article I will explain how to add text to a video. This may be necessary when creating titles, adding watermarks, overlaying subtitles or any inscriptions.

The most appropriate tool for accomplishing the task is the iMovie program for Mac OS X. It is often suggested that you begin studying video editing, since the application has a simple and intuitive interface.

How to Add Text to Video Using iMovie in macOS?

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Add Text to Video Using iMovie

Open the iMovie app and start following the instructions below:

  • Click File -> New Movie;
  • Select the topic of interest or start from a blank sheet by selecting the “No Theme” block;
  • Next, click “Create”;
  • Specify the file name and click “OK”;
  • Import a media file (image or video) to which you would like to overlay text, for which click on the “Import Media” button;
  • Select the file of interest and click on “Import Selected”;
  • Select a file (or media file section) and move it to the working area (Timeline);
  • Select the site or place in the video to which you want to add text;
  • In the left side menu, find the block “Content Library”. In it, click on the item “Titles”;
  • Double clicking on the template will add a text version to the work area on top of the video;
  • Double-click on the purple block with the text and in the final result window, change the text “Title Text” to the required one. Here you can change the color, font, location, and so on;
  • Change the duration of the text on the video by stretching or compressing the text block.


That’s all, the text is added to the video, it remains only to save the project. In order to save the result, click File -> Export.

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