Apple iOS devices are designed to sync with one library on a specific Mac or PC. This is inconvenient if you just want to add a strange new song to your device without going through a long synchronization, or if you have a device that was previously synchronized with another computer (and therefore the iTunes library), to which you no longer have access.

However, things get complicated when you have multiple computers or mobile devices and you want to access your iTunes content from each of them. The same thing happens if you want to share your music and other content with friends or family members. Fortunately, solving these problems is not so difficult. Just share your iTunes library and make it available to other devices and users. There are easy way to do this and I will now talk about it.

Share My iTunes Library with Home Sharing

Home Sharing lets you share your iTunes library with Mac, PC, and iOS computers that are on the same Wi-Fi network as you. Make sure that your computer and the device you want to share with are on the same network. They should also work with the latest version of iTunes and iOS if you are connecting to a mobile device.

If all these points are taken into account, then proceed to setting access to the iTunes Library:

  • Open iTunes, on the computer where your iTunes library is stored;
  • Select File -> Home Sharing;
  • Select “Turn On Home Sharing“;
How to Access iTunes Library from Different Devices?
  • Enter you Apple ID and paassword;
How to Access iTunes Library from Different Devices?
  • In a new window will open click the Sharing tab;
  • Check the box “Share my library on the local network”;
  • Get access via Library tab in iTunes.
How to Access iTunes Library from Different Devices?

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After completing these steps, you can access your iTunes library from another Mac, iOS or PC. To do this, open iTunes on PC and click the “Music” icon in the drop-down menu in the upper left corner of the window. Scroll down the page to find your library and click on it to access your content.

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