Have you ever noticed that taking pictures and recording videos on an iPhone depends on how you hold the device? If not, then it’s time to figure out how to do it right – because then you will begin to shoot much better photos and videos.

Correct Video & Photos Taking

To begin with, how to properly hold the iPhone when shooting video, this applies to a photo to a lesser extent, but still. The rule is very simple – start recording and while recording video ALWAYS hold your iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch in a horizontal position (landscape mode)! It doesn’t matter which side you hold the device like this:

How Not to Miscalculate with Photo & Video Orientation on iPhone?

Never change the camera position (from horizontal to vertical) during movie shooting. If you take photo pictures, then of course nothing prevents you from switching to portrait mode and taking photos of your friends.

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In the horizontal position, the recording will be in widescreen format, and it will be displayed on the display of your gadget, monitor or TV in an adequate size – in full screen.

iPhone Photo & Video Orientation

And what will happen if you record a video while holding your smartphone or tablet upright in portrait mode? The fact is that if you have a blocked screen rotation, the camera will assume that you are shooting video in portrait orientation and problems may begin here. Most often this is due to the spread of pictures on the iPhone while viewing. As for the video, it’s even worse here, you will find the ugly black bars at the edges of the frame.

Check iPhone Camera Icons

You should periodically look at how the labels are located on the screen of your camera screen. If if the inscription x2 (zoom ratio) and the icon of the camera switch from rear to front adapt to your screen, then everything is fine.

How Not to Miscalculate with Photo & Video Orientation on iPhone?

If not, go to Control Center and turn off screen orientation lock mode.

How Not to Miscalculate with Photo & Video Orientation on iPhone?

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