When you enter some sites, you can expect a kind of “surprise” in Google Chrome browser – the error “Your connection is not secure. Attackers can attempt to steal your data from the site … (for example, passwords, messages, or bank card numbers). “ What kind of error is this and how to solve it exactly this is what, I will describe in today’s article.

An error occurs when connecting to sites operating under the HTTPS protocol. In essence, HTTPS is the same HTTP protocol that works through encrypted SSL and TLS transport mechanisms. HTTPS provides protection against attacks, but only on the condition that encryption tools are used and the server certificate is verified and trusted.

Incorrect system date

If the computer has an incorrect date, then this is a possible reason for the appearance of a message about an unsecured connection. The solution is simple – set the correct time:

  • In the lower right corner click on the clock;
  • Click on the link Open Date and Time Preferences;
How Fix "Your Connection is Not Secure" in Chrome?
  • Change the date and time to the correct parameters.
How Fix "Your Connection is Not Secure" in Chrome?

Extension Errors

When installing antivirus software on a computer, many defenders automatically deploy their extensions for security on the Internet. Sometimes they can fail and mistakenly consider a proven site dangerous. In this case, you need to disable these extensions.

Old Version of the System or Browser

If you have not updated the operating system for a long time and have disabled automatic updating, then perhaps the message about an unsecured connection appears because of this. This fully applies to the browser that you use. Update them all!

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Incognito Mode

The incognito mode (or the “invisible” mode) cannot be considered a complete solution to the problem; rather, it is a temporary measure.

  • Open Chrome;
  • Click on three-dot sign and choose New Incognito Window;
How Fix "Your Connection is Not Secure" in Chrome?
  • In this mode, the browser does not save or write any data (cookies, cache, history, etc.). Therefore, the browser can open pages that normally did not want to go to.
How Fix "Your Connection is Not Secure" in Chrome?


If the error “Your connection is not secure” – be sure to check the system with antivirus. Use only a licensed protector with the latest databases and do not disable the automatic update – the security of your computer depends on it. Viruses can damage the entire system, and not only interfere with work with the Internet.

But it may be the other way around that the antivirus is blocking some resource is not clear why. If you are sure that the site is safe, disable protection for a while and try to switch to it.

An error may occur when navigating to the site through bookmarks. Try to find a resource in a search engine and open through it. If everything is displayed normally, delete the bookmark and create a new one.

In many cases, a security issue occurs due to a problem with your computer. Incorrect settings, viruses and no updates are the most common causes. Watch for these parameters, and the problem with opening sites will appear very rarely.

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