Screen time is a new software added by Apple in iOS 12. This tool provides users with a complete picture of their interaction with the iPhone and iPad, and also allows you to control and limit the use of devices by children.

The iOS settings section called Screen Time allows you to get detailed statistics on the use of iPhone or iPad, as well as set limits on the use of selected applications and functions on iOS, protecting them with a password.

How to Get Detailed Statistics on the Use of iPhone or iPad?

Below you can find the guide how to activate Screen time function: 

  • Open “Settings”;
  • Go to the Screen time section and click the link-button Enable Screen time;
How Does Screen Time Work on iPhone and iPad?
  • Read the description of the features and click Continue;
How Does Screen Time Work on iPhone and iPad?
  • Indicate who the device you are setting up is yours or your child.
How Does Screen Time Work on iPhone and iPad?

The Screen Time function is a very powerful and convenient tool that allows you to see the full picture of your interaction with the device. In addition, on this screen you can track which sites you spend the most time on. And how much time it takes you for this or that program specifically.

How Does Screen Time Work on iPhone and iPad?

How to Lock Apps Using on iPad or iPhone?

In addition to features that allow you to get detailed statistics on the use of iPhone or iPad, the Screen Time function is an excellent tool for monitoring the actions of a child on an iOS device.

On the use of each category (education, productivity, creativity, entertainment, health and fitness, social networks, reading, games and more) of programs, you can impose your own time limit for use or completely block access to it. The fact is that in the “App Limits” section you set an access code to unlock programs.

iPhone or iPad Locking Apps with Timer

That is, in the Limits of programs you enter restrictions on the use of software in the daytime. There are various options for time limits of 5, 10, 15 minutes and so on.
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Always Allowed

Despite the fact that you have blocked all the necessary applications, the most necessary you can keep without blocking always. You can select such programs in the Permitted always section.

Content and Privacy

Perhaps the largest subsection of Screen Time. Here you control the basic settings of the gadget and Apple ID. For example, you can prevent the Face ID and password code from being changed.

Waiting Mode

This is the simplest subsection of Screen Time. In it, you set the time when access to programs is prohibited.


Of course, the iPhone lock screen timer App function is the most useful of the entire section. With it, you can easily limit children’s access to various applications throughout the day.

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