Regular musical instrument Apple Music has recently become considerably overgrown with functionality, providing users with almost unlimited possibilities to listen to their favorite songs. Only here the buttons to activate some of the familiar functions were somewhat relegated to the background. Don’t know how to enable or disable Apple Music shuffle on iPhone? Follow me and I’ll show you some simple options. In this article we will find the button “Shuffle”.

Shuffle Tracks in Apple Music on iOS 10, 11, 12, 13

Undoubtedly, Apple Music is such a wonderful music service. In the past few years, Apple has been constantly making subtle tricks to introduce new features and functions, this should be good news, but these changes also mean that other functions have been moved or replaced in the general Apple Music user interface.

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Therefore, some users may have a problem with how to turn Apple Music shuffle on and off on an iPhone. In fact, it’s very easy to shuffle songs on the iPhone, here’s a simple guide for your reference:

  • Open the Apple Music app on your iPhone;
  • Go to any playlist of music from your library;
  • To find the main music player to view the main operations, you need to click on the current play;
  • Then slide your finger across the bottom of the screen to open additional buttons for Shuffle and Repeat;
  • To enable shuffle, simply click the “Shuffle” button. Then you can go back to playing music and slide your finger up to switch the shuffle switch.
How Do I Shuffle My Music on iPhone?

How to Turn Off Shuffle on iPhone?

As you should have already guessed, turning off the shuffling of tracks in iPhone Music is as easy as turning it on. Click again on the Shuffle icon and that’s it.


Lastly, I will share with you an amusing function which I regularly use when listening to music on an iPhone. The quickest way to shuffle all the tracks in albums, playlists, and so on is to use Siri. To do this, open the voice assistant during the playback of the track and just say “Shuffle Music”, “Shuffle Songs”, “Shuffle Album …” or “Stop Shuffle”.

How Do I Shuffle My Music on iPhone?

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