Since Apple changed the design of the Music application in iOS 10, the company still wonders where to place the shuffle and repeat buttons. After 3 years, Apple moved them again, and even reduced them in size.

There is a reason that Apple has moved the buttons again. The company changed the entire interface with the current song in iOS 13. In this article we will see how to shuffle music in iOS 13.

Repeat and Shuffle Buttons in iOS 13

In iOS 10 and newer, the screen had to be scrolled down to open additional control buttons, and not everyone knew about it. Now that has changed. At the bottom of the screen there are three buttons, the last of which are essentially tabs. The button on the left opens the screen with the lyrics, and the button on the right shows the playback queue.

About repeat button for music in iOS 13 can be read here: How to Repeat Songs in iOS 13?

Shuffle Music in iOS 13

Yes, there is now a separate section for the queue. When you press the button, the queue will appear instead of the album cover. Now the playlist occupies almost the entire screen, which is true. So where to look for the shuffle buttons? This is a small icon next to the play queue section. For a more visual example, follow this instruction with pictures:

  • Click on the card of the currently playing song;
How do I Shuffle my Music on iPhone with iOS 13?
  • Tap on the list icon;
How do I Shuffle my Music on iPhone with iOS 13?
  • Then tap on the shuffle icon.
How do I Shuffle my Music on iPhone with iOS 13?


Apple could place these buttons next to the AirPlay button at the bottom of the screen, but for some reason did not.

However, now you at least know where to look for the snooze and shuffle buttons in iOS 13.

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