If you are seriously thinking about buying Apple Watch smart watches, but you understand that in fact you are waiting for the acquisition of a “cat in a bag”, in today’s article we will try to solve the main problem and determine what size of smart watches will be perfect for you.

Since the announcement by Apple of its first smart hours have passed more than six months. At the March presentation, Tim Cook introduced the new product a little closer, but those who were ready immediately after the event to go to the official online store and order the Apple Watch were disappointed.

The presence of a wide range of bracelets and two options for the apple watch actual size of the body of the gadget 38mm and 42mm. New generation almost has 40mm and 44mm. Well, let’s try to figure out how easy it is to determine the size of an Apple Watch case with the help of an iPhone, without having to leave the house.

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Using the Apple Store App to Choose Right Apple Watch Actual Size

  • The first way to verify the current size of Apple Watch is to install the official Apple Store app. Download it from the App Store;
How Big is 42mm or 38mm Apple Watch?
  • Start the application and on the model of smart watches of interest;
How Big is 42mm or 38mm Apple Watch?
  • Choose a model in a list of available models for a specific Apple Watch series will open;
  • Scroll down and select the “Which case size is right for you?” link;
How Big is 42mm or 38mm Apple Watch?
  • Before us will open a picture with the image of two versions of a smart watch: 38 and 42 millimeter or 40 and 44 millimeter.
How Big is 42mm or 38mm Apple Watch?

Note: No matter which iOS device you use with the Apple Store app, the image will match their actual physical size. Check with a simple ruler confirms this.


With your iPhone attached to your wrist, you can see a distant picture of how the Apple Watch will look on your hand.

Of course, a comparison of the actual image of the watch and a paper layout will not replace the real feeling of wearing an Apple Watch, but if you plan to purchase a smart watch on pre-order.

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