I think many people keep pictures on the iPhone or iPad that they don’t want to be shown to anyone, and the idea of ​​removing them from the device is not a pleasure. In this case, Apple has provided the ability to hide images from unwanted eyes, and this can be done very simply.

It is possible to hide photos on the iPhone and iPad for the first time provided in iOS 8, and this feature has been improved in the next version of Apple software, it allows users to select and hide multiple photos.

However, the “hide” function, available by default on the iPhone and iPad, hides only photos from the “moments”, “collections” and “years” sections.

Hidden photos can be viewed in albums by selecting the album “hidden”. Although iOS does not have the ability to really hide photos, there is a workaround using a notes app that hides photos and protects with a password. I provide below method to protect photos: through the standard iOS features.

Hide Photos on iPhone and iPad through Standard iOS Features

Follow these steps to hide one or more photos:

  • First you need to launch the “Photos” application on your device;
  • Select those photos that you want to hide with “Select” button on the top right;
  • Then click on the “Share” icon located in the lower left corner;
How to Make a Hidden Folder with your Photos on iPhone?
  • On the next screen you will be provided with a bunch of sharing options, you need to click on the “Hide” tab.
How to Make a Hidden Folder with your Photos on iPhone?

As mentioned above, the photos hidden with the above steps will be hidden in the “moments”, “collections” and “years”, but they will still be visible in the albums.

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Hidden photos can then be seen in the album Hidden, which will be automatically created. You can take a picture again available in exactly the same way.

It is worth noting that this method hides a photo from a film, “Moments” and “Collections”, but it still remains available in the “Hidden” tab.

Find Your Hidden Folder with Photos in iPhone and iPad

Here is where you can find your hidden photos in iOS:

  • Open the Photos app and tap on “Albums”;
  • Scroll to the bottom, here you find the folder called “Hidden”;
How to Make a Hidden Folder with your Photos on iPhone?
  • This is where all of your hidden photos will be stored.

Unhide Photos on iOS Device

This process is very similar to the previous “Hide”. Just enter “Hidden” folder, select the photos you want to return to the public folder, click “Share” and Choose “Unhide”.

How to Make a Hidden Folder with your Photos on iPhone?


As you have seen, hiding photos from prying eyes on your iPhone is very simple using standard operating system solutions. Therefore, to hide a snapshot from an advanced user is unlikely to succeed, but from a child, for example, completely.

It’s the best time to ask questions and give us your feedback in comments.


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