One of Apple’s steps to maximize active workspace is to use full-screen mode. How to get the most out of this built-in mode in macOS? Here I will explain how to assign hot keys for switching the full-screen mode and other tricky features.

The main advantage of hotkeys is that they work in all applications that support switching to full-screen mode in the new macOS operating system.

The Most Obvious Way to Maximize a Window in Full-Screen Mode

Just click the “Green Button” in the corner of the window, and it will move to a separate screen and unfold into a full-screen full-screen mode.

In order to exit the fullscreen mode, press the “Red Button” with cross at the top of the window.

Yes, that’s all! But you do not think that we are finished with this? I’m going to show you how many useful features this mode has.

Tricks with Window Full-Screen Mode in macOS

More Tricks

If you want to simply enlarge the window, but do not want to switch to full-screen mode on a separate workspace, simply press the green deployment button while holding down the “Option” key. The window is maximized, but the menu bar and the Dock are still visible.

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To return to the previous window size, press this button again while holding the “Option” key. To maximize the window, you can also double-click the title bar of the program. If, instead of expanding, the program is minimized in the Dock, change the title bar setting in the Dock preferences.

Using the keyboard

On a Mac, click the green button in the upper left corner of the program window, or press the key combination “Control” + “Command” + “F”.

Split View Mode

If you work with the program in full screen mode, you can quickly select another program to work with programs in Split View mode.

Click the “Control” + “Up Arrow” to enter “Mission Control”, and then drag a window from Mission Control to the thumbnail of the full-screen program in the Spaces panel.

Tricks with Window Full-Screen Mode in macOS

You can also drag a thumbnail of one program to a thumbnail of another program in the Spaces panel.


All of the above tricks are reliably used by most Mac users everyday and make life much easier for us! It’s hard to imagine how you can work without these functions in modern operating systems.

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