Almost all users migrated from Windows to macOS are puzzled at the regular options for viewing photos. After all, you can’t just open and leaf through images here – there are some incomprehensible nuances everywhere. In this article I will show how to work with Preview tools when viewing images in macOS.

In general, as conceived by Apple developers, we all must use the “Photo” application. But you, exactly like the rest of the majority, may simply be unclear why you need to constantly import something somewhere, create separate albums and at the same time launch a separate application, if everything can be viewed in Finder, where the files are personally sorted into folders. And manipulate them.

Thank you Apple for the Preview

Opening an image in Finder launches the Preview application. But still there is the possibility of turning the photo with arrows (left and right) on the keyboard.

View and Rotate Multiple Photos

If you need to see small previews of several images at once, do the following:

  • Select the necessary files;
  • Press “Space” to view;
  • Press the combination “Cmnd” + “Enter”;
  • The resulting window will contain thumbnails of all selected images. Using the cursor or the arrows you can move between them.
How to Flip or Rotate Pictures in macOS with Preview?

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To Rotate Images

  • Open the tab “Tools”;
  • Click the “Rotate Left” or “Rotate Right” button;
  • Or, press and hold the “Option” key, then click the “Rotate Right” button;
How to Flip or Rotate Pictures in macOS with Preview?
  • The “Flip” use the same way;
  • Keep clicking to continue turning the object.


With the help of such simple key combinations, you can greatly simplify your work with images on your Mac. And what are the secrets of the Preview you know?

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