Mac is used worldwide by a number of people these days. Its handy, stylish silver colored with lightened white apple logo on it and great smooth body. And let us not forget to mention the hype and attention that is given to this amazing laptop all over the world by so many people. Mac has got all the amazing features. 

An amazing feature which you might not know is the auto fill username and password feature in Safari web browser. For example, if you open Safari browser on your mac and then open the website Facebook and enter the email and password, that can be stored within the Safari. And the next time you open the Facebook’s website on Mac you will have the option to auto fill the email address and password. You will not have to enter it by yourself.

Most of the times when you are prone to use this auto fill feature, you might forget what the actual password of your account was. In this case, we will tell you how to find passwords on mac

If you want to retrieve your passwords on Safari browser on mac, follow the following steps in order to do so:

  1. Open the safari browser or app, click the Safari menu and then select “Preferences” 
  2. There will tab on top of the window which says “PASSWORDS”. Click on that box to check it. You will have to enter the administrator’s password of the mac to move forward. 
  3. Next, search through the list of websites and select the one which you want to reveal the password for. Click on it to reveal the password. 
  4. In case, you want to remove any saved password, you can select it and delete it. 

These were simple steps that you can use to reveal the website’s password on Safari. You cannot reveal passwords all at one, you have to select websites and click “Allow” permission one by one for more than one website. 

This is to be noted that these passwords are stored on the OX and safely locked to the account’s keychain. Only when the keychain is granted the permission to show passwords from the user, the passwords will be able to reveal on the browser. 

By following the above methods, you can keep on using the auto fill feature, it saves time, you will not have to spend a lot of time typing the user name/ email addresses and passwords, and instead you can just click on the auto fill feature. There will be no worries of forgetting the passwords since you now know how to retrieve those passwords back in the Safari app or browser even if you forget them

Good luck finding your forgotten passwords! 


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