“Find my Friends” is a special widget on macOS, thanks to which you can always track directly from the Notification Center the location of your friends or family members, of course, if they have given you access. In this article we will talk about how to activate this feature and what features it has.

The “Find my Friends” feature is available on a Mac with OS X 10.11.x (El Capitan) or a more fresh version of the OS installed. And, of course, in the “Find my Friends” application on the iPhone, at least someone should give you access to your location. How to organize this process can be found in our detailed article.

How to Activate and Use the “Find my Friends” Feature in macOS?

First you need to activate the widget:

  • Open the “Notification Center” on Mac, and you can do this by ticking the icon in the upper right corner of the display in the menu bar, or by swiping with two fingers on the trackpad;
  • Click the “Today” tab;
  • At the bottom of the “Notification Center”, click on the “Edit” button;
How to Get “Find my Friends” widget on a Mac?
  • Add the “Find my Friends” widget;
How to Get “Find my Friends” widget on a Mac?
  • Click the “Done” button;
How to Get “Find my Friends” widget on a Mac?
  • Provide access to the current geo-location by clicking the “Allow” button.

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After activating the widget in the list there will be contacts that share access to their location, and tapping on any of them will display a small window with a map. If you double-click on the user icon on the map, the Apple Maps application will start.

What can the “Find my Friends” widget on macOS?

Here some useful features of “Find Friends” widget:

  • Display the location of users on the map right in the Notification Center;
  • Show contact card in the address book, if you click on the user’s avatar;
  • You can navigate directly on the thumbnail of the map by holding the cursor and left-clicking the mouse;
  • Scale the image on the map (approximation – double click with the left mouse button, distance – the ⌥ Option (Alt) key on the keyboard);
  • Open the location of the user in the program Apple Maps, if you double-click on the icon of a person on the map.


As you can see, the widget is simple and quite interactive. It will help to share your geo-location with your friends in some situations. This will be a very useful function. On the other hand, this implies constantly enabled geo-location services that will consume device energy. If you still decide to use this function regularly, I recommend taking care of the security of your device, Apple ID and carefully use open Wi-Fi networks.

It’s the best time to ask questions and give us your feedback in comments.


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  1. Amanda LaFleur-Giambrone Reply

    The Find My Friends widget isn’t there as a selection when I follow your instructions? Any thoughts on why that might be? I’m using Catalina 10.15.1. Thanks

    • Vincent Reply

      Hi, Amanda! Thanks for your comment. Try to get it from App Store! You can find App Store icon at the bottom of Notification Center.

    • Vincent Reply

      Try “Find My” app. It was renamed with macOS Catalina release. Also, try to find “Find My” app in your system, and activate it.

  2. Find my is no longer on the notifications page on Catalina.

    I have not been able to add the widget. It does appear on the Launchpad

    I am hoping it will reappear in the next OS release

  3. Russ Hodes Reply

    “Find My” is an App in the Launch Pad, but there is no widget for the Notifications menu.
    I hope someone will fix this, as it’s a very useful and popular tool.
    This is yet another reason onto to upgrade to Mac OS X 10.14.x (Catalina) yet.

    I also had to buy newer versions of BBEdit and PhotoShop Elements.
    No telling what else they broke with this “upgrade”.

  4. I’m in the same boat, rediculous that neither Apple or Apple-focused web sites can provide a way to get to this app. First Apple CHANGED the name to “FIND MY”. I can find it on my iMac with the SEARCH function and it shows up in the APPLICATIONS folder. But it only opens in a stand-alone manner and you can’t click and drag it to the NOTIFICATION center and it does NOT show up in the App Store since it is apparently just part of the OS.

    Arrrggghhh! I love Apple but I despise their tinkering – more so their lack of solutions to what they have “FIXED”. Apple loves to tweak apps, but they do a very poor job of explaining what they’ve changed or how to fix the apps/services/options to work as expected. The very reason I used to LOVE iTunes but now, it’s just been fixed so many times, it’s unrecognizable from its simple beginnings.

    So for now, FIND MY

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