In this article we will understand – How to reset the Mac to factory settings.

Feel you need to start everything from scratch? Know that you can restore your Mac to its factory settings at any time. This means that all the results of your activity will be erased, and the device will look out of the box (maybe with the exception of a couple of scratches). This is a simple procedure that does not take much time, and we will describe how to conduct it safely and efficiently.

Often, deleting all the data becomes a cause of anxiety and even hysteria, but there are times when it cannot be avoided. For example, if you decide to sell your computer. Part of this is removing the device from iTunes and breaking all connections to the cloud. But another important aspect is the restoration of factory settings.

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How to Factory Reset macOS to Original Default Factory Settings

  • First, make sure your Mac is connected to the Internet. The process of formatting the disk is quite simple, but you will need to get access to the factory settings when everything is finished. It also does not hurt to connect your MacBook to the network to avoid draining the battery;
  • Now go to the “Apple menu” (the one on which is the Apple logo) and select the reload command;
  • Wait until the computer turns off and starts up again, then, when the reboot grey screen appears, hold down the “Command” + “R”;
  • This will lead you to the macOS utilities, where you can make important and potentially dangerous changes;
  • Select “Disk Utility”;
How to Reset Mac to Factory Settings?
  • Now the process will start to differ slightly depending on the version of macOS. Here you need to find the necessary disks, select them and go to the “Erase” tab;
How to Reset Mac to Factory Settings?
  • Next, in the format options, select Mac OS Extended (journal) or APFS and click “Erase” again. After the procedure is completed, go to the “Disk Utility” menu and select “Exit”.

Now you have deleted all the data, but this is only half the way. When you exit the Disk Utility menu, you will see the Reinstall the current macOS item.

How to Reset Mac to Factory Settings?
  • Select “Reinstall macOS” option and confirm that you really want to continue. You may have to go through several confirmations before the installation is ready to begin;
  • Here you need an internet connection. Apple stores all factory data on its servers, so your Mac will be able to find the original version of the operating system and load all its settings;
  • Now be patient and everything will be fine after the ending of installation your clean OS.


Obviously, a full reset is a serious step, and you need to make sure that no important data will be lost. Backing up the computer is a necessary part of the procedure and it is strongly recommended to start with it. Here are some ways you can save data.

  • Use Time Machine, if possible. The program will save the settings and data on an external drive. After that, you can put a “snapshot” of your Mac, including all the information, into your Time Capsule and transfer them to another system;
  • You may need to reinstall Apple applications on a new computer. Visit the “Mac App Store”, and you will see the option to reinstall all applications;
  • If you already have a second computer, you can use the Migration Assistant to simply transfer data using fast disk cloning;
  • Cloud backups can help a little, but it’s volume is hardly enough for all the information of a computer system, therefore in such procedures it is better to use physical methods of copying.

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