FaceTime is an iOS Application that is used for audio and video calling. It is for the users of iPhone, iPad, iPod and Mac. It uses internet connection instead of traditional phone lines. So, we can say it is free of cost for the one who uses the internet on their phones. It is a great app to use!

Sometimes it is seen that FaceTime shows an error or stuck while running on the device. There can be multiple reasons for that. Many people reported, it stops instantly during video chat or audio calling. It has been seen recently that the application is totally broken for many users, which leads FaceTime to get Stuck on “Connecting”. I am going to suggest a few solutions to this problem. 

How to Resolve the FaceTime Connecting Issues? 

I am going to provide you some useful tricks to resolve your issue with FaceTime. These are suggested by many trusty users of iOS and Mac devices. So, any one of these solutions can work for you.  Follow the following order to get the maximum advantage. 

1. Update OS X or iOS to the Latest Version

The first thing to do is to update your device to the latest version. The old version may cause a problem, not only to the FaceTime but many other apps as well. So, keeping your device to the latest version is a considerably healthy thing to do. Updating your device to the newest version makes you use the newly added features by the services providers. There is an awesome feeling to see new features in Apple devices!

Follow these steps to have the solution. 

  • Back up your device’s data 
  • For iOS: Go to Settings> General Settings> Software Update 
  • For Mac: Apple menu> Software Update 

This can work for 90% of the users.  Open FaceTime now and give a try!

2. Check Compatibility of your Network Data Plan 

You just need to check your Network data plan allows you to use FaceTime over cellular data or not. It usually works if you’re using Sprint or Verizon. Suppose, if a data plan doesn’t allow you to use the FaceTime on your device then you can use Wi-Fi to use the App.  

3. Re-Activate FaceTime

Sometimes it has been seen that there occurs a problem regarding the activation of the FaceTime. Updating the iOS or Mac resolve this issue pertaining to activation. You need to go to Setting and Turn FaceTime OFF and ON again to enter activation Id. This also provides you an opportunity to check whether your apple id is correct or not.  Follow these steps to perform this action. 

Activation of FaceTime in iOS

  • Go to setting and open FaceTime there. 
  • There is a button in FaceTime Menu called Flip Button. Flip this button to turn the app OFF. 
  • Flip again to turn back to ON. 
  • There appears a message, “Waiting for activation”. Now it asks for apple id to put in. 
  • Putt your apple Id there and check if the app works or not. 

Activation of FaceTime in Mac

The Mac provides even more easy way to activate the FaceTime 

  • Just open FaceTime and click Preferences. 
  • Turn “Sign Out”.  Wait for the reactivation process to finish. 
  • Now open FaceTime and Sign in with your Apple ID

The application stars working by following these steps. If it is not, follow my next mentioned solution. 

4. Turn Off/On Airplane Mode 

This is quite a strange thing to say but it worked for many people. Many people tried this option and they found the results they wanted. Turning Airplane Mode off and on makes your device able to refresh it Wi-Fi and Cellular Data Settings. It isn’t a hard job to do. Just give a try and check! If it doesn’t work once, you don’t need to do it again and again. Just follow the next solutions in the article.

5. Reset your Device’s Network Setting 

Resting your Device’s Network Setting can work as well. It is an easy task to do. Actually, it clears all the Wi-Fi passwords saved, Bluetooth paired connections, APN and VPN settings from your device. So, make sure before resetting your device. If you don’t want to lose saved Wi-Fi connections, then don’t follow this thing for your device. If all connections are easy to get back, do follow this solution. It works in many cases. 

6. Reset all Settings 

iOS users can try this solution.

  • Open Settings> General>Reset> Reset All. 
  • It’ll remove all the application data. 
  • It won’t remove data for other apps. 
  • However, you can use iCloud or iTunes for back up options. 

What is the solution if I am not able to Update my device? Is FaceTime Broken Forever for me? 

If you are not able to update the device, then you are in serious trouble. It is a hard thing to say but true. The requirements for FaceTime to run on your device depends on the compatibility of the device’s software. It doesn’t even work if you and video or audio call receiver don’t have the same versions of FaceTime. Both users must have the same and updated versions to run it smoothly. So, if you have the latest device or software then you can use the app without any hurdles. 

If it doesn’t work after having the latest versions and updated device, then you need to follow the above-given solutions. These solutions can help you get better performance for the Facetime on your device. If all the tricks don’t work for your device, then you need to contact Apple customer support for help. 

Good luck!


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