One of the most popular Waze navigation apps is not officially available for Apple CarPlay, but it can be ported to the car interface. In this article I will describe in detail how to do this.

CarPlay currently supports Apple branded cards, but their functionality is not suitable for all users. Therefore, many users may need a more advanced alternative.

How to Use Waze with CarPlay?

Waze is the largest volunteer supported navigation application. It displays traffic on the roads in real time, notifies about accidents and traffic jams, notifies about cameras.

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The advantage of the approach is that you do not need to use a cable to broadcast the phone screen, since the interface is built directly into the native CarPlay interface.

Waze for Apple CarPlay

You can use the Waze app with Apple CarPlay directly on the screen of some cars and optionally installed systems. To use Waze on CarPlay, you will need an iPhone 5 or later with iOS 12 or later. Also make sure your car supports the CarPlay function.

Does Waze Work with Apple CarPlay?

Follow the instruction below to launch Waze on CarPlay screen:

  • Connect your iPhone to CarPlay using a USB cable or wireless;
  • After connecting, click on the Waze app icon in the CarPlay menu;
  • Wait a sec, when Waze appears in the CarPlay system;
  • Done! Now your iPhone can be used as an extension for additional settings and other information.


Waze officially supports all car models and devices in regions where Apple CarPlay is running. In some areas, CarPlay may not display the keyboard. In this case, you can type text using the iPhone.

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