The application of the popular social network Instagram received a dark mode for iOS 13. How to enable it, is described in this article.

The long-awaited innovation has appeared in the Instagram mobile application, which makes the visual perception more stylish and modern. Following the recent trends of Gmail, WhatsApp, Twitter, Viber, Telegram, Instagram also added a dark layout mode for mobile devices on iOS 13. This was done to reduce eye strain and reduce battery consumption.

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Although in the application itself there is no way for users to switch this function inside the application manually, it is activated automatically if the Dark Theme function is activated in the settings of iOS 13 itself.

Dark Mode Instagram

Here’s how to try the dark mode:

  • Make sure you update the Instagram app and use the latest available version;
  • Open the Settings -> Display & Brightness app on your iPhone on iOS 13 or iPad on iPadOS;
How to Turn On Black Theme on iPad?
  • Then select “Dark Mode”.
How to Turn On Black Theme on iPad?

Note: You also could activate “Dark mode” in Control Center.

How to Activate Dark Mode on iPhone or iPad?

Turn Off Dark Mode

Want to bring Instagram lights back on? Everything is simple! Do everything exactly as in the instructions above, but at the same time choose Light mode instead of Dark. And the Instagram app will return to its former look.


The whole world is capturing a new trend – such applications as Facebook Messenger, Twitter and many others have already switched to the “dark side”. Of course, Instagram also did not stand aside.

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