All Apple devices have a microphone, but it may sound strange but it is. In some situations, we do not use its functions and there is no need for it to always be included.

This article is unlikely to help the paranoid get rid of the fact of the alleged wiretapping, but for ordinary users simply turn off the built-in microphone in your Mac.

Keep in mind that this option is only relevant for the built-in microphone, if you need to disconnect the external one, just pull out the plug from the Mac.

Few Methods to Disable the Internal Microphone

Actually, there are few methods below. You will spend about half minute on this, and therefore you can consider this method as the simplest and fastest.

During a FaceTime or Skype Session

In FaceTime or Skype, hover over the call window, then click the “Off” button sound or use the Touch Bar. You can still hear the caller, but he can not hear you.

Changing the Volume Level

Change the microphone volume:

  • Select the menu “Apple”;
  • Then go to “System Preferences”;
  • Select the “Sound” section;
How to Disable the Internal Microphone on your Mac?
  • Click “Input” and drag the “Input volume” slider to the most acceptable minimum;
How to Disable the Internal Microphone on your Mac?
  • Close the “System Preferences”;
  • To activate the microphone again, just return the microphone volume level to its original position.

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Change Audio Input Source

The trick with changing the source of audio input to a line or some other for a microphone stub is possible only for older versions of OS X. But you can use it to chop off an external microphone if you can not physically disable it.


The first thing to remember is that when the microphone volume is set to the extreme left position, the microphone does not turn off completely but just works at the minimum sensitivity, which is not good. If you are looking for a way to save some very important confidential information, you should either turn off the microphone using the manipulations in the terminal, or delete it physically.

The second disadvantage of this method is that you have to climb into the settings again if you want to use a microphone, but this method should make life difficult for various hackers. Although this is not a guarantee that any malicious utility will not be able to change the settings of the Incoming sound for your microphone on your own without your knowledge.

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