Did you ever notice that a ZIP file has been converted into a CPGZ file? This is one of the most common issues that computer users have to face. When you try to open a ZIP file, it will be extracted into a CPGZ file. But when you close the zip file, it will be turned back into a ZIP file. However, issues can take place during this conversion and your CPGZ file might not convert into a ZIP file when closing it. This can lead you towards frustrating situations. 

If you have a CPGZ file, here are some of the methods that you will be able to follow in order to open it. 

Download the file from a different browser 

If the issue is with a ZIP file that you have downloaded, you need to go ahead and download the same file again from a different browser. In most of the instances, re-downloading the file is in a position to help you overcome the issue and you will be able to open it normally. However, this method will work only for the smaller files as the large files take a considerable amount of time to download. 

Unzip the file with command line 

If you are not in a position to download the file again, you can open it through the command prompt. To begin, you will need to launch the Terminal. This can be found inside the Utilities Folder. Then you need to find the .zip file with the help of the finder and make sure that it is positioned in a conveniently accessible location. Then you need to enter “unzip” in the command line, followed by a space and then drag the CPGZ or ZIP file into it.

This would automatically add the file path of the archive into the command line.

Then you can hit enter button in the keyboard. 

This method can assist you to open the archive as usual. This is one of the most effective methods available for you to try. It can even deliver positive results when you are trying to open partially downloaded files. 

Install an unarchiver 

If the above-mentioned methods didn’t work, you can install an unarchiver. This would be a third party application, which has the ability to unarchive the CPGZ files. In addition, they can also help you to unarchive ZIP files as well. 

A large number of unarchiver tools are available for you to consider on the internet. You must go through them and download the best one out of them as per your preferences. Then you can open the CPGZ or ZIP file with the help of that tool. It will automatically decompress your file and you will be provided with access to it. 

Now you know three different methods you can follow to open CPGZ files. You can try any method out of them as per your preferences and overcome hassle. 


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