First, you need to understand what files there in your Mac are that are called Cache files. These files are important but unnecessary when they start taking your Mac’s storage capacity with them too. So, storage is the main issue that we need to sort out by deleting Cache and Temporary files from our Mac. These files can kill your Mac’s storage and drag it to slowness. Too many applications and their personal data lead your Mac to some bad condition.

How to Clean Temporary Files and Caches?

Now, it’s time for you to follow the guide to help your Mac by cleaning Caches and temporary files. Follow the below-given guide to resolve your issues.

  • First, Back up all your important files;
  • End all the running applications;
  • Open “Finder” and pull down the “Go” menu in the Finder;
  • Scroll down and open “Library”;
  • Find “Cache” folder in “Library”;
clear application cache mac
  • You will see cache and temporary files for each application installed in your Mac;
clear application cache mac
  • You can now choose “Cache files” of some Apps or press “Ctrl + A” to select all of them;
  • Click “Mouse Right Button” and select “Move to trash”.
clear application cache mac

Note: Cache folder contains files with some specific name like “” which suggests there are cache files from Safari browser. It is easy to delete such a file in your Mac.

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How to Remove System Caches and Temporary Files?

Yes, there can be some files that don’t belong to any application in your Mac. These files are system Caches and can harm your Mac’s performance or drag it to some serious consequences. These files are more harmful than the application cache files and needed to remove immediately when found.  

There is a very simple way to remove these system cache files as well. First, give a try to reboot. Sometimes, cache files are deleted automatically by rebooting your system. If not, we would suggest you look for an app to do the job like CleanMyMac for macOS. These applications can be found in the App Store and can help you in a very good way. You are just a click away when you prefer your work to be done by an amazing app. You don’t need to find cache folders to delete something while using this cleaning app.

Clean Caches from Web Browsers

You can free your Mac space by cleaning out your caches in your web browsers. Remember, this will help you to remove the cache from the browser you’re in. For this, you need to open the history and confirm pop up will ask you to clean caches there. If you are not interested in deleting the history then choose the only cache. It will do nicely for you.

clear application cache mac

So, these are few of the ways to speed up your slow Mac. You can confidently try these guides as these are suggested by developers and some trusted users.

It’s the best time to ask questions and give us your feedback in comments.


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