Starting with OS X Yosemite, macOS has become, among the “desktop” Apple operating systems, the same as iOS 7 for mobile.

Everything is bright, contrasting, translucent and so on. Someone likes it, someone is constantly rubbing his eyes tired from the variegation. If you look at the standard MacOS interface, you are completely unbearable, I propose an easy way to make it calmer, besides giving the system a “classic” look.

Of course, this method is not suitable for all users, but someone, I hope, may still like this interface transformation. So…

Convert System to More Classic Look

  • Go to “System Preferences”;
Make macOS “Retro” Again!
  • Choose“Accessibility”. In left section choose “Display” and tick the check box “Increase Contrast”;
Make macOS “Retro” Again!
  • In the “System Preferences”, go to the “General”, and there select “Graphite” in Highlight color bar;
Make macOS “Retro” Again!
  • In “System Preferences”, go to “Desktop and Screen Saver”;
  • Select “Space Gray” as wallpaper;
Make macOS “Retro” Again!
  • Select “Word of the Day” as a screen saver.
Make macOS “Retro” Again!

Classic Finder

There is a small program from independent developers, it transforms the standard view of Finder into its archaic view from the 80s. Many retro fans have already appreciated it and I used it for a while.

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As program developers approve, there project aims to be a functional re-creation of the classic Mac OS Finder. Now you can experience a pixel-for-pixel clone of the original Macintosh Finder on your modern Mac.

All you need is to download the .dmg file, mount it and copy the application to /Applications/. Then run it.

Make macOS “Retro” Again!


I hope this article will help you to visualize your operating system and remind you of beautiful times when a poppy could occupy half of an office desk and there was no visual complexity at all.

It’s the best time to ask questions and give us your feedback in comments.


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