Keyboard Special Characters Keyboard in macOS is not only the input of numbers and letters. With it, you can quickly insert into the text of various kinds of special characters, which are international definitions of a concept: it can be a sign of a common currency, a mathematical symbol or a trade designation.

Unfortunately, the characters behind each key are not reflected on the keyboards (this is partly because the output value changes depending on the layout), so I decided to create a label for the convenience of finding the required character and the abbreviation associated with it.

In this article I will show how to type the cent symbol and also attach a visual map of all the special characters in combination with the “Option (Alt)” key.

I will note that the table shows a very modest set, since many of the characters are unknown to me, or they are used extremely narrowly (what is the point, for example, is the whole Greek alphabet given here?). But you yourself can experiment with the keyboard to explore the full range of possibilities.

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You can enter frequently used characters including cents and accented letters on a Mac using the “Option (Alt)” key. I have save a list of hot combinations in this article with explanations of how to open the keyboard viewer. You can use the Keyboard Viewer as a memo.

How to Type the Cent Symbol on a Mac?

For example, if you need to type “¢” just press “Option (Alt)” + “4” and you will see on a display the ¢ (character of a cent).

How to Quickly Call up Special Characters

  • Open the System settings of your Mac and select the “Keyboard” section;
  • Put on the “Show keyboard and emoji viewers in menu bar” section;
How to Type the Cent Symbol on a Mac?
  • Change menu to “Input Sorces” and put on “Show Input menu in menu bar”;
How to Type the Cent Symbol on a Mac?
  • In the status menu, click on the small flag (American). Two new lines appear – “Show Keyboard and emoji in menu bar”.
How to Type the Cent Symbol on a Mac?

Keyboard Panel

By clicking on this inscription appears virtual keyboard. Press any of the “Option” keys – and wonder how many special characters you can type on it! Below is the usual layout, and then it is the same, but with the clamped Option (Alt)” key pressed.


The longer you work with the keyboard on a  Mac, the more hidden features you will learn. I first learned about typing special characters when I suddenly needed to enter a “copyright sign” and I was shocked to find a clue about how easily this can be done in our favorite system. I hope this article will help you too.

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