The question of why there is no network on the iPhone concerns many owners of Apple gadgets. Unfortunately, this problem is often found, regardless of the version of the iPhone and iPad.

Why there is no Network?

There are several known causes for this error:

  • iPhone was imported into the country unofficially and locked under a certain operator;
  • Software failure;
  • Interruptions in the mobile operator;
  • Hardware problem: damage to the antenna, the radio module.

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Solve the problem yourself

When the iPhone does not catch the network, the help of the service center is not always required. The user has the opportunity to cope with the problem on their own. There are several ways out of a difficult situation.

“No Network” or “Search”

Cellular Data not Working on iPhone? Problem Solving1

To begin with, it is recommended to check if there is a signal. Preliminary it is proposed to activate the automatic network search option in the “Settings” section.

Check Airplane Mode

Cellular Data not Working on iPhone? Problem Solving

After hardware manipulations, iPhone often writes – “no network”, what to do? The simple reason is that the device does not see the available connections. Activating AviaRejim for 30 seconds will reboot the network, after which the phone will re-search for the signal.

Check the Time and Date

Incorrect setting of the time zone parameters, the current date can cause an ineffective network search. To fix the problem you need:

  • Go to the “Settings” menu;
  • In the “General” section, select “Date & Time”;
Cellular Data not Working on iPhone? Problem Solving
  • Activate the option “Set Automatically”;
Cellular Data not Working on iPhone? Problem Solving
  • After setting the parameters, you must restart the iPhone.

Check Coverage Area

The situation when the network disappeared on the iPhone often has a simple reason – the device is in a zone that the operator does not cover. You can create Wi-Fi using another gadget that is connected to the mobile Internet and will distribute the wireless network.

Check your Nano SIM

One of the possible problems – the iPhone does not see the SIM card. This often happens when the map is deformed during trimming, moisture ingress, mechanical impact.

Remove and Return the SIM Card

How to change the sim card on iPhone:

  • Pull out the SIM card using the key that came with the device;
  • Make sure it is in good condition and put in place.

If the SIM card has no visible damage, you should look for another reason.

Does not Support Operator

It often happens that the iPhone does not see the network if it is locked to a specific operator. Sim cards of other dealers are not supported, and the user will have to contact the service to unlock the device.

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Appeal to the Telecom Operator

If the iPhone does not find the network, it makes sense to contact the mobile operator to get information about the state of balance, technical work with communication in the region.

Problems with the Software

Software errors are corrected by developers as they are detected and are taken into account in future versions of the OS. Therefore, updating the system to the latest version is recommended first.

Restart iPhone

To restart the device based on the iOS operating system, simply turn it off and on. As a result, the network settings will be reset, which will help the iPhone to find the access point.

Cellular Data not Working on iPhone? Problem Solving

Reset Network Settings

The operation helps in many cases when the phone reports a missing network. This requires:

  • Go to “Settings”;
  • Find the category “General”;
  • Click “Reset”;
  • Select the option “Reset Network Settings”.
Cellular Data not Working on iPhone? Problem Solving

Problems with the Hardware

Sometimes there is no network on the iPhone due to damage to the hardware: antenna, motherboard and other important components of the device. In this case, the user will have to contact the centers for repairing gadgets.


Smartphones have a complex structure, so if the above steps did not help, then the owner will have to contact the service center. In no case is it recommended that users reflash the smartphone from scratch on their own (the system update through internal programs is not taken into account), since this can lead to a complete loss of efficiency.

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