Who says AirPods’s convenient and popular wireless headset can only be used with an iPhone? Owners of gadgets with Android will be useful to learn about the capabilities of their device with AirPods. Connecting a headset is very simple, although on iOS it is even easier to do. After turning on and pairing the device, the user will have at his disposal the very famous wireless headphones.

In this article we will see do Apple AirPods works with Android phone?

Do Airpods Work with Android?

Before you start using it, you should make sure that the case for charging the AirPods headphones and they themselves are sufficiently charged. The headset should be located inside the box, and Bluetooth is enabled on the Android device. So, can AirPods connect to android we will see below.

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How to Сonnect AirPods to Android?

  • Put AirPods inside the case, if you have not done it before;
  • On an Android device, open Settings;
Can you Use AirPods with Android?
  • Select Bluetooth;
  • Open the lid of the case with AirPods;
Can you Use AirPods with Android?
  • Return to your Android device and wait for the AirPods to appear in the list of Bluetooth devices. After that, click the “Pairing” button;
  • Close Settings on Android. AirPods will be paired with and connected to the new device.


You can check the performance of such a bundle by listening to music, podcasts or any sound from a device on Android. Sounds will have to come into the AirPods and be emitted by them, as expected. While the headset is connected and paired with an Android phone or tablet, AirPods will become the wireless audio device used by the operating system to output audio.

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