The Apple Watch is a wonderful tool when it comes to fitness. Most people do not realize how much you can modify it to boost your physical related accessories, this is because the Apple Watch boasts numerous features like a heart rate monitor or pedometer. You can use the Apple Watch to count steps by tweaking around the settings a bit. In this article, you will know how to do so by doing some configurations on your iPhone first and then the Apple Watch.

Setting up the Pedometer via Health App on the iPhone

How to Use the Pedometer on Apple Watch to Count Steps and Distance?

Measuring the steps, you have taken can be done without carrying the iPhone along with you by using the Apple Watch pedometer. However, you would need to do a couple of tasks in order to have that capability. The integration between the iPhone and the Apple Watch must be activated for the fitness applications to be functional. After you are done following the steps mentioned below, you will know the answer to how does the Apple Watch count steps by itself, meaning it not being paired to the iPhone.

  • You would need to set up your profile by entering fitness related information about yourself on the “Health” application on the iPhone. This is necessary as the application shares this data with the “Activity” and “Workout” applications on the Apple Watch. Do this by opening the “Watch” app, then on “My Watch” tab, select “Health” and then “Edit”;
  • Next is to activate the location services as the Apple Watch uses GPS to track your distance traveled. Do this by going to “Settings” then “Privacy” and then turn on “Location Services”;
  • Now we do the most important step, which is to enable fitness tracking. Go to the “Settings” on your iPhone, then “Privacy” and then select “Location Services”. Select “System Services” and turn on “Motion Calibration and Distance”. Go back to the Privacy menu and then go to “Motion and Fitness” and make sure that it is activated;
  • The final step is to activate the watch face when it comes to the pedometer. Go to the “Health” app on your iPhone, select “Sources”, then “Pedometer” and lastly, “Turn All Categories On”.

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Setting up the Step Counter and Pedometer Display on the Apple Watch

Setting up the Step Counter and Pedometer Display on the Apple Watch

After you are done setting up your fitness profile and application settings on your phone, you would need to do some configuration on the Apple Watch as well, if you want the data tracking aspects like distance traveled, steps are taken or calories burned to show up as a face on the display of the watch. Follow the steps below to set up the display:

  • Launch the “Activity application” on the Apple Watch. Its icon is displayed as a concentric multi-colored circle;
  • When at the screen of the Activity application, scroll down with the digital crown till you see the pedometer feature. The digital crown is the rotating dial on the side of the Apple Watch;
  • Activate the pedometer function and then you will be able to see your step count under the “Total Steps” section;
  • As mentioned before, the Apple Watch pedometer will keep updating the distance you have traveled or the total steps even if not paired with your iPhone and rest assured, that the data will be synced back into the Health app on the iOS when the watch gets in range of the iPhone again.

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