Increasingly, rumors appear on the network that Apple is preparing something new and unusual in the near future. And these rumors are fueled by the fact that Apple Inc. recently filed for registration a patent project called “Peloton”. But the essence of the project is that during the movement of the device there is a certain “electric type” that can share energy with each other or use it together.

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Also, Apple developers are subtly hinting that this technology can be used by vehicles, drones or cyclists. Also, the chief analyst of the company, Ming-Chi Kuo, said that they are now working on autopilot technology for a project that should “impress everyone.” And what could it be if not an electric car from Apple?

Apple Car 2020

In addition, commenting on rumors about an electric car from Apple, Jeff Williams called the car “the culmination of mobile devices.” The public understood and took this hint as an indirect confirmation of the existence of the Titan project, the implementation date of which is 2020.

Apple Car Rumors?

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But most likely, Apple Car will not see the world until 2023, but judging by the success of Tesla, it will be something very expensive and very beautiful. A number of experts believe that the car will be Apple’s main project in the next five years, thanks to which it will quickly earn the second trillion dollars of capitalization. The Titan project, which is developing the Apple iCar, employs more than a thousand people, and its head is former Ford employee and current Apple top manager Steve Zadesky.

Apple analysts said the company plans to release the first electric cars of its line in 2023.

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