Like many of you, I love trendy wallpapers, and if there is a place that usually turns the most amazing images that are perfect for wallpapers, this is NASA. This small collection of monstrously gorgeous pictures of the universe, high quality, which makes them the perfect wallpaper for almost any device iPhone, iPad, PC or Mac.

NGC (New General Catalogue of Nebulae and Clusters of Stars) – most famous in amateur astronomy catalog of distant objects.

The catalog is one of the largest non-specialized catalogs, because it includes all types of objects in the far space (it does not specialize, for example, only in galaxies). Contains 7840 objects.

The catalog was compiled in the 1880s by John Ludwig Emile Dreier, mainly according to the observations of William Herschel, and then subsequently expanded by two Index-catalogs (IC I & IC II), which added another 5326 objects.

NASA space telescopes made impressive photographs of nebula, luminous celestial bodies.


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